About Us


Company Overview

Breaking into the entertainment industry is tough. What’s even tougher is when you have no background, no industry contacts, no friends in the industry—your chances of getting a chance is very, very less.

Because there is a tremendous lack of fresh ideas, stories, concepts, and scripts in the entertainment industry. Nobody gives a hoot about creativity, originality, unique ideas and fresh talent. The industry is surviving on done-to-death ideas and concepts.

That’s why, the success rate of a movie, series, or a song is just 7% out of 100%. And that’s exactly why, WhatsUrIdea was born.


Your Launchpad for The Creative World!

WhatsUrIdea is a crowdsourcing content creation and idea-sharing platform for the entertainment industry. A part of Kokoroko media, we are a production company. We produce films, web series, video music albums, and so on for digital entertainment platforms.

We are here to make the dreams come true for all the dreamers out there. From aspiring and budding talents to experienced pros to struggling professionals, our platform will offer a genuine chance to get noticed, recognized, and rewarded.


Why You Should Share Your Talent and Ideas With Us?

  • Your ideas and talent will be the only criteria for our selection process. Not your background. Not your industry connections.
  • You don’t have to deal with a middleman.
  • You will get cash rewards, proper recognition, and popularity.
  • Your entries, if chosen, will get released on various digital platforms like OTT and VOD.
  • You don’t need to rethink for sharing your ideas/talent with us.