About Us


Company Overview

To simply state, Whatsuridea is a solution to the questions of the Media & entertainment industry!

Whatsuridea is India's First Crowd Sourcing, Content Creation, Idea Sharing, Casting & Online Auditions Platform for Media, Entertainment, Creative & Advertising Industries.

Breaking into the entertainment industry is tough. What’s even tougher is when you have no background, no industry contacts, and no friends in the industry—your chances of getting a chance are very, very less.

Because there is a tremendous lack of fresh ideas, stories, concepts, and scripts in the entertainment industry. Nobody gives a hoot about creativity, originality, unique ideas and fresh talent. The industry is surviving on done-to-death ideas and concepts.

A part of KOKOROKO media, we are a production company. We produce films, web series, and video music albums, and so on for digital entertainment platforms.


Why Whatsuridea

For artists & creators, chasing their dreams & breaking into the entertainment industry is not so easy without any support or contacts. Everyone is waiting for their one chance to the moon.

For casting directors & production houses, searching the right kind of talent in a time limit to make their production a success is a tough act. Every production project is competing to reach the top spot.

For brands & organizations, finding the absolutely perfect content for their projects can be a complicated task. Every brand wants to stand out & make their voice unique.

These are the reason why Whatsuridea was born!

Whatsuridea was planned & created... to help artists, creators in their dreams & ambitions; to help casting directors & production houses in searching artists faster & on a larger level; to help brands & organizations in effortlessly finding suitable content for all their needs.