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Talents/ Creators

  • Register yourself to get recognised and make your dreams come true/take one step closer to your dream.
  • Participate in the Contests within your reach from all over the industry.
  • Win Cash Prizes through various contests; Believe that your talent & passion is the only limit.
  • Get Hired through contests on our platform & take a step towards being a pro artist.

Brands/ Organization

  • Two brains are better than one. Find Extraordinarily talented/skilled creators & talents from the pool that match your requirements.
  • Post the Contests to find the best marketing & promotional content that makes your brand go viral. Endless options of content to choose from so you get the best of both worlds.
  • Choose the best promotional quality content from the treasure trove of talent and reward/award the winning creators.
  • Amaze them with your attractive cash prizes and get a remarkable one from the pool of creators.
Directors/Film Productions

Directors/ Film Productions

  • Connect to get access to various talented individuals & creators.
  • Post the Contests on our platform, so you may choose/pick the best talent from the entries to suit your needs/requirements.
  • Easily Select talented creators to get the best results for your projects.
  • Hire talented, suitable Creators as & when required, minus the hassle/hassle free.

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How Whatsuridea help Talents, Creators, Performers,
Brands & Production Houses

Talents/ Creators
  • Whatsuridea is a Platform to simply make your dreams a reality!
  • We help you find work just at the tap of your fingertips with our excessive resources through various contests.

  • All you must do is register with us & it gives you immediate access to new opportunities that match your skills & interests.
  • We publish contests regularly from leading directors & production houses, as well as reputed brands & organizations.

  • You get to win cash prizes through contests & further get hired through contests with nothing but your sheer talent!
  • Register in a jiffy and give your career a tremendous boost!

Brands/ Organizations
  • Whatsuridea is ideated to smoothen the process of finding perfectly suitable content and creators for your brand or organization.
  • We assist you in finding the creators & content that give your brand/organization a unique identity by providing you with a massive platform for telescopic talent hunt & posting contests.

  • You can easily connect with us & we give you immediate access to a plethora of talented creators who can produce quality content that matches your needs & budget.
  • With our help, you can publish as many contests as you want on our platform.

  • You can give out cash prizes for content or directly hire creators that fit your brand/organization's presence like a glove!
  • Connect in quick-n-easy steps and make your search for great content a hassle-less experience!

Directors/ Film Productions
  • Whatsuridea is your one stop necessity of reducing the hassle to find the talent & creators on a larger level.
  • We assist you in finding the much-needed talent for your production by providing you with a massive platform for contests.

  • You simply must post your needs and it gives you immediate access to talented creators that match your requirements and budget.
  • With our help, you can regularly post as many contests as you need on our platform.

  • You can select or directly hire creators that satisfy your talent search.
  • Simply connect with us and make your search for talent a fuss-free experience!

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