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  • 14/08/2022

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Songs are a very powerful expression that move our soul. There is a connection that is developed with the songs and often is relatable to the way we feel in life. How beautiful it is to have a song that describes every situation of life! If you have a song that is going to move somebody’s soul or be on the top of the mind? write it down now and share it to the world with the help of India’s first crowdsourcing, content creation, and Idea sharing platform; whatsuridea. The great lyrics are the best part of any song that stay in our hearts for a long time building a connection with people directly just like the classics that we still hear. Whatsuridea is giving you this wonderful opportunity to spread your wings and fly. You can write songs in any genre like Melodies, Fast-beat, sad, romantic, love, satirical, parodies, Folk and so on. We do not necessarily look for experience or multiple song lyrics, but we do welcome all the experienced lyric writers who have wonderful songs already in-store that are going to make people fall in love or the writers who are looking for a chance to start their career in Lyric writing. Here is your chance to make wonders because recognition is not something that comes easy, you need to earn it but once you do, there’s no turning back. Take one step towards your dream and submit your entry Lyric Writing competition Contest: Looking for a wonderful Lyrical song for OTT.

Perks & Benifits:

*The Grand Prize winner with the best lyrics will receive a 3,00,000 cash prize. * The Winning Lyrics will soon emerge into the beautiful songs. *Will get an opportunity to meet with industry professionals and get exposure to the industry through their knowledge. *If we like more than a single Lyrics content, there shall be a chance of multiple winners. *The lyrics that did not win will get a free access to the advice, support and help from the Music industry. A chance for the best people from the industry to see your work. *Top 10 Lyrics will get close access to the Consultation from industry experts for their songs to understand the areas of work that is still needed. If you want to take your songs to the audience’s heart, don’t miss this wonderful chance.

Submission Criteria:

* Only original Lyrics/Songs will be accepted. *Plagiarism is a serious No! *Submit your entry in the format of PDF/Doc/word. *Send the Lyrics content in your preferred language (Hindi and English). * The Lyrics should be clear and need to communicate the message you want to convey through your song. *Your Lyrics should be kept in strict confidentiality. *Before you submit your entry, double-check the format, and do not email us the content as you are already submitting the entry. * All the submissions of the Lyrics should comply to industry standards. The entry must not contain false interpretations or advertisements. *By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the participant has waived his/her right to raise any dispute regarding the contest and/or any matters connected with these terms and conditions to maximum as permitted by Law. * If you have an already existing Lyrics/full song, then the same can be submitted in the process of registration.

Eligibility Criteria:

Skill: Lyric writing *Participant must submit the correct and complete details while registering. *The entry including the submission must be the original content and should not infringe the content of third parties. The participant should agree to this while registering. *Submit a well-written Lyrics in full-form. We majorly focus on your capability and the way you write that your song can turn into a great story. You can make the entry in any of the two languages that you are comfortable with (Hindi and English) but be sure to maintain clarity while submitting your lyrics. * The participant should focus on the concept that they are trying to convey through their Lyrics. It must be fully authentic and an original Lyrics. * Company shall be entitled to invalidate the participation of the participant in the event of any fraud, dishonesty for the participation under these terms and conditions.

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PRIZE - 300,000

LAST DATE - 14/08/2022
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